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The rise of online freelancing sites and thriving gig companies shows how high the demand is for work from home jobs is in today’s world.

Only a few decades ago, the vast majority of work-at-home jobs were far from profitable. Even before the dawn of the Internet, it was much harder to sort out the scams and the real possibilities.

The good news is that many companies and individuals alike are looking for part-time workers to work from their homes.

In 2017, the improvements in technology and the birth of social media have brought about a new wave of legitimate online job opportunities. Check out these real work at home jobs for 2017 and beyond:

work at home jobs

1. Virtual Assistant Work From Home Jobs

With so many companies operating mainly or even fully online, it is not surprising that many hire virtual assistants to help them organize and perform administrative tasks. According to the International Association of Virtual Assistants, these workers are “independent contractors who (usually from their home or office) support many clients in various industries by providing administrative, technical and creative services” while working from home. While virtual assistants jobs vary, tasks can include preparing and responding to emails, creating and distributing business documents, answering questions from media, writing and creating content and other materials. Check virtual assistant work from home jobs in places like and

2. Translator

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, most translators do their work at home, often in tight deadlines. While some need a degree, the most important requirement for translators is, of course, proficiency in at least two languages. As the BLS notes, about 20% of translators are self-employed in 2013, most are split between these industries: professional, scientific and technical (30%); State, local and private educational services (25%); Health care and social assistance (13%); And the government (7%). The national average wage for this career was $31,420 in 2013, although 10% of workers earned on average $ 63,140. Browse work from home jobs for translators in places like

work from home jobs3.Web Developer

It is very easy to build your own website if you take advantage of the many opportunities for free online learning tools. However, a large part of the population does not have to build their own website or do not have time. Many people work from home by creating sites and blogs for others with most opting to work at home or elsewhere with a laptop and a fast Internet connection. Usually, you do not need an advanced degree to start operating in this field. All you need is a post-secondary education, relevant experience and a portfolio of successful sites built and managed.

 4. Freelance writer

More than ever before, writers are needed to create articles, contents, and come up with creative ideas that cater to almost all websites on the Internet. And although many great sites have internal writers, many sites outsource their content and hire independent writers and content creators to work from home. The experience of writing is very useful, but what is really needed to get started are drive and ambition. Sites such as and is a good place to get started. To be recruited, you will probably need to have a solid portfolio of work, or at least some writing examples that you can include in your resume.

5. Social Media Manager

Almost all large companies have been getting on the social media as a way to reach directly to customers and without paying heavily for TV ads, printing or radio from home jobs But not all large companies have someone to manage their social media accounts, many freelancers have begun to market themselves as social media managers and help companies develop their online following and expand their reach. Thousands of ads for social media managers can be found on sites such as,, and If you have demonstrated expertise in social media and email marketing, you might even be able to start communicating with companies and ask them if they need help.

6. Data Entry

An extensive range of businesses need workers to record a variety of data in their systems, and this data is used to track inventory and deliveries, create business plans and measure performance or output. Computer skills and typing are the essential requirements for this job. Many input workers can work at home and on a schedule that fits their lives.

7. Blogger

Becoming a blogger is different from any other work at home job in the sense that you have to start and build it yourself. What’s worse, most blogs make nothing for years as they grow and become established. However, there are many opportunities for bloggers who can build an audience, develop their site, and find a way to cash in and start earning income. Some of the ways average bloggers make money include affiliate advertising, sponsored posts, Google Adsense and product sales.

work from home jobs work from home jobs



Passive income is a great way to join the ranks of financial freedom. Some of the regular jobs require so much work and pay salaries that are almost never enough to survive on. Having another source of income would help reduce the daily hassles of your life. With this income idea, you can keep making money for the rest of your life. This is indeed a great way to secure the financial future of you and your family.

What is Passive Income?

passive income ideasPassive income refers to the regular earnings made from a source that is neither your employer nor contractor. According to Investopedia, “passive income refers to earnings an individual derives from a rental property, limited partnership or other enterprises in which he or she is not actively involved”. This definition already gives out some wonderful passive income ideas. Passive income is defined by popular culture as “money that is made while sitting on a beach sipping a cocktail”. The Internal Revenue Service, IRS, defines passive income as an income that can come from only two sources; rental income or a business a person is not actively involved in, for instance, dividend paying stock and book royalties. Passive income is essentially the income earned from a business continuously after you have made an initial effort.

Can you imagine your life without any financial worries?

Perhaps you have imagined a life where you keep getting money, even while you are sleeping, going on a vacation or playing with the children. You can actualize that imagination by creating streams after streams of passive income without having to leave the comfort of your home or speak to a soul. Would that not be great? You would keep having money deposited into your savings or checking account. You would not have to worry about having money to buy the groceries or pay the bills.

Choosing the right passive income idea

While it is great news that passive income can actually liberate you from your financial worries, it is equally important to note that there are numerous passive income ideas to choose from. A simple Google search would probably direct you to a heap of them. With the multitude of ideas to choose from, you would be confused and clueless about where exactly to start. The aim of this article is to direct you to one of the best ways to work at home and create a passive income. You will discover the easiest and fastest way to build multiple streams of passive income, by investing a few hours per day, just to start-up.

These programs being presented to you a great proven programs that will get you on the road to success. You just need to get started and apply yourself. Join thousands of others that have taken action. You can create massive amounts of wealth with these opportunities working from home. When you create a business online IT IS YOUR BUSINESS. No one can screw it up, change it or take it away.passive income ideas

Conclusion for work at home jobs

Passive income is a great way to join the ranks of financial freedom. Some of the regular jobs require so much work and pay salaries that are almost never enough to survive on. Having another source of income would help reduce the daily hassles of your life. With a great passive income idea, you can keep making money for the rest of your life. This is indeed a great way to secure the financial future of you and your family.


What is Wealthy Affiliate about?

what is wealthy affiliate aboutHello, if you are tired of going from one network marketing program to the next then it’s time to stop!  Just stop that nonsense.  It’s time to go in a different direction because now you can.  Help is on the way. You can now go in a different direction and feel confident about it.  What I’m going to share with you in the next few minutes is going to be a game changer.  I can tell you from my own experience, why the number one question has become, “what is Wealthy Affiliate about”.

The Cold Hard Truth

I’ve been very successful working from home. Unfortunately, most people are not successful with a work from home network marketing opportunity. So, as it goes, here comes your friend and he or she tell’s you about this meeting you need to go to with him or her. Because this product their friend has found is going to save the world. And you just have to see it. Right? So look, I’m not your husband or your wife just being negative because you just signed up for your next greatest deal. But face it, the old cliché of signing up in programs with products that are going to save the world is never going to get it done for most. It does not matter how much you love the most recent latest and greatest product, program or service. If it did matter we would all be rich, right?

What Is Wealthy Affiliate about For The Future?

There’s another generation of people who have learned how to move around the MLM concept. A generation of online marketers. When you see what Wealthy Affiliates is all about you will understand why the number one question has become, “what is Wealthy Affiliate about’?

What I’m getting at is there is a much better way to do what you love to do without all the disappointments and embarrassments of being in another network marketing deal.

what is wealthy affiliate about


Create A Passive Income

Here’s your chance to spend your valuable time on real online jobs work from home businesses. Creating a passive income online that YOU can control. An opportunity to create wealth that nobody can take away. A business no one can change at any time to make it better for them with no regards for you or your opinion. You know how it goes, they change the pay plan on you about the time you start seeing results. More times than none that will distract or discourage your team or downline. Have you had that happen to you, a few times?

what is wealthy affiliate aboutThat’s one of the big pitfalls in network marketing. It pretty much happens to a 100 percent of new start-up programs. But before all that takes place you are told how lucky you are to be at the right place at the right time. They tell you how lucky you are to get in on the ground floor. Then in about 6 months to a year later when they (the company) are rolling pretty good they hire the hero. You know the guru that has written all the books but just got voted out of his or her last company by the board of directors. Yeap, all the sudden here comes the new guy that’s going to take your company to the top. Then, here comes the changes.  One of the things people hate the most, change. It is a broken record, right?

Become Pro-Active

It is time to get in the know with the modern way people are creating wealth online. You can now leave the old school approach to creating residual income behind. I was in network marketing for 25 years. The last part of my career I did a lot of thinking about how I wanted to write a book about why people fail in MLM.  And I still might do that. But right now instead of writing a book on the failures and pitfalls in MLM, I can do something much more pro-active. Something that can save people a lot of time, money, effort, and disappointment by simply introducing people to Wealthy Affiliate.

what is wealthy affiliate aboutPlease don’t get me wrong, I have loved MLM. I am one of the ones that made money. But I always hated to see the massive number of people that failed. I would always help them to the last straw any and every way I knew how to help. As a matter of fact, I received the top award in my nutrition company for “going above and beyond to help other people become successful”. I’m proud of that honor. There were more than one hundred and twenty-five thousand people in that company, at that time.

Save money and lots of time with Wealthy Affiliate

Today, I can help you make a great decision if you will let me.  If you have the desire to work online from home I am about to put you on something very special. I have spent over a thousand dollars at a time just for one work from home program that can not touch Wealthy Affiliate in no way. Wealthy Affiliate is a complete step by step, video training. An ongoing program that will get you on the right track to creating a passive income. Oh, there’s work to do. But you will be working for yourself. Building a work from home business that no one can change or take away.

What is Wealthy Affiliate about?

YOU CAN UPDATE  your marketing strategy and approach to creating wealth with Wealthy Affiliates. Leave all that other 20th century MLM “stuff” in the rear view mirror. The Wealthy Affiliate training program has one of the best programs I have ever seen, if not the best. They will show you step by step with training videos on how to create passive income just like they are holding your hand.

what is wealthy affiliate about Stop all this crap with trying to recruit your family and friends to sell products for you. It’s a dead-end road. Even though the same old approach will be going on until the end of time. If you like MLM as a ton of people do, this program and business is not a conflict. Actually, it will provide you with more leads than you ever imagined.  Check out the community. Everyone there is sharing and networking. Building business relationships. It’s a gold mine.

Wealthy Affiliate Has A Free Trial Version

Of course, like most legitimate programs, Wealthy Affiliate has a free version. After you see how easy it is to learn with the Wealthy Affiliate training program you can upgrade for a month at 19 dollars. It will be the best 20 dollars you have ever spent. You can build yourself a business right there on the Wealthy Affiliate website. There’s no use in going into details. They have got all the information you are going to need under control. But I can tell you, it is not one of those slick talking internet marketing video campaigns. Wealthy Affiliate is a real program, and even the beginner can see the integrity and depth of the training right off without a doubt.

Taking Action

If you want to walk (or run) away from the MLM graveyard and change directions here is your chance. Take the free training, and watch the videos. Then you will want to upgrade to the 19 dollar deal. You will be very surprised at how easy they make it for you and how fast they can get you going.

what is wealthy affiliate aboutI am a member myself. It’s the best thing that ever happened to me. I had been dabbling in affiliate marketing on and off the last 8 years. Therefore, just learning a little here and there. I knew without a doubt I really liked it, and I knew I could do it.  The only thing that was holding me back was not having a blueprint or a plan to follow, a virtual mentor. That problem was 100% over when I found Wealthy Affiliate. It’s easy to stand behind Wealthy Affiliate 110 percent. I will actually be a part of the community support offered for your success. The community offers support, kindness, and respect for each other that is second to none.


That’s just a few of the many reasons people are wanting to know what is Wealthy Affiliate about. I have a lot of networking friends moving away from MLM as well. They are coming to the Wealthy Affiliate program to learn and train on how to create a passive income online. I won’t receive any award for putting you on the right path or for helping you. But I bet you have heard the old saying you learn in MLM, If you help enough people get what they want then you will get what you want. So, is Wealthy Affiliate for you? Nothing is for everybody, but take a few minutes to take a serious look at this marketing experience with Wealthy Affiliate.  I think you will be very excited and motivated about your future with Wealthy Affiliate and internet marketing.

Please contact me and let me know how it is going if you go with Wealthy Affiliates.

For your success,

[email protected]

Get started with the free membership today.

what is wealthy affiliate about


Forskolin – A Natural Breakthrough in How To Burn Belly Fat Fast

The Fight Against Fat

Diet and exercise go a long way in helping get you in shape, looking great, and improving your health. Unfortunately, however, the most dangerous body weight is often the most stubborn; belly fat. Fat around your abdominal muscles likes to hang around, and sometimes proper diet and exercise aren’t enough. The problem is in your search on how to burn belly fat fast, you’ve likely come across pills, wraps, and powders but they’re all chemicals and most don’t even work, not to mention the price tag. Fortunately, there’s a healthy, natural alternative that’s been used for thousands of years: pure forskolin.

Plant Power

Derived from the choleus plant, forskolin has been used in traditional medicines in Asia to treat chest pain (angina), as well as high blood pressure and asthma. There is scientific evidence that it has a positive effect on the previously mentioned conditions, but a 2005 study suggested that it increased the oxidation of abdominal fat. This caught the attention of prominent doctors and trainers, like Dr. Oz, who has been using it to boost the metabolisms of his clients who were asking him how to burn belly fat fast.

Magic? No, Science!

How to lose weight and fastForskolin works by increasing the intracellular levels of cAMP (cyclic adenosine monophosphate), which improves the function by which your heart contracts. This enables fat cells to release energy more efficiently and with great availability, leading to an increased metabolism and elevated fat mobilization. Because it causes a release of fatty acids from stored fat, forskolin weight loss spares muscle tissue, creating a leaner physique and preserving metabolism-boosting muscle.

Pure forskolin extract, provided in pill form, can be taken to boost your fat loss efforts. Compared to traditional weight loss regimens, where fat and muscle loss both occur, forskolin weight loss is nearly entirely from stored fat. As fatty acids break down into ketones, you’ll feel more energetic, fueling your exercise and boosting fat loss even more. Forskolin has been highly accredited by Good House Keeping Magazine and Dr. Oz on “how to burn belly fat fast”.

Deciding On A Product

Though there are a lot of forskolin extracts on the market for the work at home jobs market. Many aren’t pure, and some are mixed with other chemicals and additives that really don’t provide any benefit to you, the customer. Made worse, the price these companies charge for a less-than-pure extract is outrageous.

Apex Vitality supplements are 100% organic, pure choleus-derived forskolin. Convenient, one-pill-a-day dosage in the morning is all it takes to boost belly fat burning all day. Though exercise isn’t necessary, when coupled with Apex Vitality forskolin supplements, you will see your body fat melt away quickly and without observed side effects. They currently have a limited-time offer going where your first bottle is free, allowing you to add forskolin supplementation to your fat loss routine and experience the rapid, healthy, natural effects of this miracle plant. The offer is set to expire soon, so jump on it right away and see for yourself how forskolin extract lasts away belly fat for good.

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