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I started this website as a way to translate my over 24 years of MLM expertise into a dynamic platform to help people change their lives with affiliate marketing. Health, weight loss, travel, and digital currency are my primary specialties.  All of these areas that are perfect for expansion into affiliate marketing. I channeled my humble beginnings in multilevel marketing during the ’90s to my current success in the internet marketing opportunities of today. My passion has always been helping other people turn their desires for achievement into reality. about pricedogdeals.comTelling you about Pricedogdeals.com is, in a way, telling you about my life. The affiliate marketing strategies that I provide are from industries that I believe in; health and nutrition, travel, and weight management. There is a prediction of a staggering $206 billion dollars from weight loss and management services in 2017. I fully encourage your participation with me in this hundred-billion-dollar industry! If you want to say hi, email Pricedogdeals.com and let me know what interests you about affiliate marketing; this industry has made me a success and I love talking about it.

A little about our past

My wife Kristi and I started one of the first online travel businesses 18 years ago. We quickly turned it into a highly profitable business with over 40,000 active members. I have taken that experience and channeled it into every endeavor I have undertaken ensuring nearly 20 years of success.  I want my expertise to be evident in every facet of pricedogdeals.com. I have chosen proven, profitable affiliates with which to do business.  If you are looking for someone to follow or ask advice, seek out someone who has been successful like me.  The same goes for my affiliates – I work with companies who have proven themselves as the gold standard for fitness, nutrition, and weight loss.

We all have passions

My passions inabout pricedogdeals.com life have been trail riding (especially the Smoky mountains), horses, and camping. That’s my mule Dixie in the photo. My personal philosophy is that life is for LIVING, not working to death for someone else, and affiliate marketing has allowed me to do that. Affiliate and network marketing have allowed us to have the time to be successful as a country music entertainers, the Clines. By helping other people become successful we have also been able to have the time to show horses, camp, trail ride, coach my son’s baseball and football teams and travel the world. It has allowed me to take my son, Seth, to school every day and pick him up. Decisions are everything. I could have been slaving away in an office for someone else missing out on this type of lifestyle.

My networking friend always asked, “How big is your why”?

I created Pricedogdeals.com to help other people successfully channel their passions into a proven money-making strategy. In this way, they too can achieve financial independence online while pursuing their passions. What to know about pricedogdeals.com is that it is all about helping you.  My very successful millionaire mentors taught me, “if you help enough people get what they want in life, you will get what you want”. Online there are millions of people who have no experience, trying to sell you advice that’s unproven and largely useless. I have built a successful business in marketing through multiple platform transitions over the years.  My experience spans from the early 90s business concepts to current, modern, efficient internet models. Contact Pricedogdeals.com if you’re ready to move forward with improving your life and establishing a profitable, reliable stream of affiliate marketing from an expert in the business. Email Pricedogdeals.com at [email protected] or Skype me at brucecline1.  I look forward to working together for a more profitable future.

If my computer is on, skype is on – brucecline1

I hope you will learn more about pricedogdeals.com.  I’d like to make a real connection with you.  I don’t want to just offer you a free download that will do very little to impact your bottom line. Here is my profile at LinkedIn is https://www.linkedin.com/in/bruce-cline-4231235b/.  You can find out much more about me and about pricedogdeals.com. For your success, Bruce Cline [email protected]